Friday, 28 July 2017

Tenby & Pembroke Castle

A couple of weeks ago, Osian and I travelled down to Pembrokshire to meet my Aunty, Uncle and they're Granddaughter for a little holiday. We stayed in a lovely cottage in Broadhaven, and were a two second walk away from the beach. Living in North Wales, we are spoilt for choice on beautiful beaches to visit, but the closest one's about ten minutes away in the car, so being such a short walk away from the beach was lovely!

We had three full days down in Pembrokshire, on the third day, Osian and I went off just us to explore Tenby, the others fancied a chilled day in the cottage.

I hadn't visited Tenby before, but knew when I was going to Pembrokshire I wanted to visit, as I'd heard many a people say how beautiful it is.

We parked up in a car park near the South Beach, and started off our day walking along the beach, Osian spent most of the time pretending he was a pirate!

The beach is huge! We only walked along a short part of it, but we were there for a while as we were writing our names in the sand, and Osian was having a great time playing. By the time we got off the beach, Osian asked for an ice cream and I really fancied a panad. We came across a cosy little cafe, which had a view of the North Beach, and just as we arrived the window seat become free. So we enjoyed an ice cream and panad with a lovely view.

We then decided to go around the town and pop into some of the little shops. We got a few little bits and bobs, I got a couple new little Yankee Candles - which have a gorgeous smell! Osian decided to spend his holiday on a set of Lego.

I thought then we'd have a look at the North Beach, but something had frightened Osian and he wasn't keen on going down, so we had a look at the boats from above and went for a walk around. We ended up on a path that went up a little hill and had a gorgeous view at the top, you could see the North and the South beach, as the hill was situated between the two.

We then headed back towards the car, and enjoyed a lovely lunch in a grill next to the beach. After lunch, we were just going to head back to the cottage, but I had then remembered about being suggested to visit Pembroke Castle.

Pembroke Castle has a little visitor centre you pay in before a few meters down from the castle entrance. Inside the castle there's a little cafe in the courtyard, and the rest of the building seems to be the original castle. In the courtyard there was a huge map of Wales that you can walk across, which Osian absolutely loved. He spent ages running across it, asking where we were, were we lived and were all his relatives live. He was a little disappointing upon being told our relatives in Scotland weren't on the map!  

There's walks along the top of the castle walls, and I believe you can go right around the castle up there. Osian wouldn't go up any of the stairs to start with, but after we had been there a while and he was more familiar with the place we went up a few of them. There were some lovely views of the surrounding town and river.

We didn't go into many of the rooms, but it was such a lovely day it was nice to just be outside. The courtyards huge, and was a lovely place for Osian to play, especially with the huge map mentioned previously.

We spent a lovely afternoon in the castle, we could have probably spent longer there, but it was getting late and need to start heading back for tea. We had such a lovely day, and would love to visit Tenby again sometime.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Abouts Us

A very quick post to say - welcome to my brand new blog, Teapots and Tantrums. All about our life as a family of two, living in North Wales.

Osian - The one who has the tantrums!
Pronounced Osh-ann - a three year old who loves adventures, puddle jumping, being a superhero, an expert lego builder. Who will somehow be off to part time school in September! Everyone warned me about how fast children grow up, but I wasn't prepared for quite how fast the time flies by.

Me - The tea obsessed one.
Mother of Osian, 23 years old. I fell pregnant in my first year of uni, Osian was due in the October, so I managed to complete the year, then differed a year, before going back to start my second year when Osian was 11 months old. I feel lucky the way things panned out, allowing me to have nearly a whole year off with Osian, and I really got to enjoy my time with him when he was a baby. I completed my degree last summer, and now currently working part time.

Looking forward to sharing the adventures of the two of us 😊😊

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