Friday, 30 June 2017

Abouts Us

A very quick post to say - welcome to my brand new blog, Teapots and Tantrums. All about our life as a family of two, living in North Wales.

Osian - The one who has the tantrums!
Pronounced Osh-ann - a three year old who loves adventures, puddle jumping, being a superhero, an expert lego builder. Who will somehow be off to part time school in September! Everyone warned me about how fast children grow up, but I wasn't prepared for quite how fast the time flies by.

Me - The tea obsessed one.
Mother of Osian, 23 years old. I fell pregnant in my first year of uni, Osian was due in the October, so I managed to complete the year, then differed a year, before going back to start my second year when Osian was 11 months old. I feel lucky the way things panned out, allowing me to have nearly a whole year off with Osian, and I really got to enjoy my time with him when he was a baby. I completed my degree last summer, and now currently working part time.

Looking forward to sharing the adventures of the two of us 😊😊

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